If you are looking to support the overall growth and opportunities this global podcast can bring, I invite you to become an investor. As you know, my podcast is all about an experience that brings uplifting music and positivity so your investment would be more about a relationship with me that connects and supports dreams rather than a business deal with specific returns expected. Just like donating to a deserving organization or giving tithes at church, we expected noting in return. What we get is simple satisfaction that we have done something good that affects positive change. Saying that, as way of saying thanks to you, here's what I give back:
  • Everything in the Sponsor Plan 
  • Be a yearly guest on the podcast and allow my audience into your life & experiences. Share your stories of failures & success and share what your business or organization brings to people's lives. 
  • Win the chance for me to DJ a 4hr live set for you or even gift this set
  • Free music pool membership 
  • 50% off all merchandise
  • Regular shout outs on weekly shows plus adds on LoveSoulRadio.net
Don't worry, you will still have full access to all my free shows plus you can listen on the platform of your choice i.e Spotify, Apple Podcasts, iHeart Radio, Google Podcasts, TuneIn Radio, Stitcher, Amazon Music.........