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Where did you grow up?

I'm curious what part of London you grew up?


How can I update ir change my card info?

You have captured the auditory perception

You have captured the auditory perception of my life for sure. Can you kindly don't disregard my visual perception? So will and can you get into the live video (Youtube) game?

DJ Etiquette

Aloha Bennie, Do you think the best DJs are those who know and understand ALL music genres, or those who just do 1, or 2 genres the best?

Simply a Vibe Thang...

Aloha Bennie, Diggin' all your sets so far with that core 'Soul' vibe common in all those different genres you are mixing. Just wondering if maybe you can incorporate some modern bossa nova/samba vibes? Maybe jazzy pop vibes a la Swing Out Sister or a Chicago Steppers set? And even more polynesian reggae like NZ's Tomorrow People? Mahalo - Mel